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Sample chart created by GE2KAP, an OpenCPN chart overlayed on a Google Earth....
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Click on one of the links below to download the file.  Some zip file require a password to unzip which is: phiggins
Be sure to read the README file.
GE2KAP.V27.0.0.3 - Jan. 30, 2018 Creates charts from GE and chart images and SasPlanet. Can overlay opencpn chart and chart images including GeoTiff, Support for Google Earth Pro V7.3.0.
GERoute - V2.0.0 New Nov. 17, 2014 Follows a route to load the Google earth cache.
C2GPXKML - V4.0.2 New July. 31, 2015 Converts GPX, KML, SRW, Maxsea and Ozi formats. Supports Konni logbook plugin csv to combine track and logbook data.
AISTTM - V2.0.0 New Nov. 17,2014 Converts AIS/NMEA into TTM messages for non-AIS radars.  Can be used as an AIS/NMEA simulator.
Fix_GE_API - V4 Aug 23,2015 04, Fixes the Google Earth API